Old History Of Webdesign And Web Desiger

The very first written word of mankind was the beginning of graphic design! And it was the birthplace of none other then ancient caves and caverns! The very first symbol they had sketched through cave drawings, paintings, markings on boulders, bone, ivory, is the most important indication and evidence where graphic design was born, nursed, nourished and grown! Nevertheless, the term Graphic Design was named by William Addison Dwiggins in the 20th century.

Anthropologists studying prehistoric cave paintings leads the periods earlier than the Upper Palaeolithic period from 40,000 to 10,000 BC, where our ancestors learned how to create signs and symbols that can be transmitted visually, in addition, they were successful in leaving their mark. Graphic design pioneers is nothing less than our ancestors who lived in caves and sketched their drawing on rocks.

History graphics design roots to our ancestors, the ancient era where civilization was cultured in caves, and left his drawings and sketches for us the cave walls and ceilings, canvas.

The first drawings now known from 6000 years of the carved stone and ceramic containers. Paintings Egyptian pyramids, signs, symbols and letters known to all and it leads us back 5000 years.

In addition, from 600-250 BC evolution of a geometric shape and structures in Europe played an important role in the development and design sketches. As the applied arts through visual communication test images and text, hand written copy of Christian Bible “book of Kells, a 9th century AD, Irish monks with rich illustrations is a good example of the evolution of graphic design.

Johannes zur Laden zum Gensfleisch Gutenberg German metal worker and inventor, introduced printing technology, which allows re-use of individual letters. The first book produced by Gutenberg press “Incunabula”. This book has become a standard book printing and publishing history, and was a huge leap in printing and publishing, although block printing paper with text and carved signs have been used in Europe and Asia long before the 14th century, but the graphic design of this era was formatting and we today called it the Old Style of graphic design.

Guttenberg era of graphic design evolution was sluggish until the 19th century, Great Britain, between art and applied arts division has led to this evolution, and they are successful, the most basic graphic design art products within the movement. William Morris, a lot of business books with stylish printings and contributed an important role in attracting potential market as well as commercializing graphic design, in addition, he was separated from the commercial design and art pioneer.

More from the 19th century painter Piet Mondrian, whose innovation performance is crucially dependent modern graphic designer. Although it is not a designer, the use of networks known as the modern origin of the Network Systems, is widely used in graphic design today in our age.

The decadence of classical style, modern graphic design engrossed in the early 20th century fine art design influence. Early modern fonts, the brand is a sans-serif font. In 1928 book “New printer” by Jan Tschichold, systematized the philosophy of modern printing.Furthermore, modern graphic design, fathers are still considered, for example, Herbert Bayer, Lszl Moholy Nagy, and El Lissitzky typographus because they broke new ground on typography building techniques and stylizing. Modern computer technology has changed typography production in general, but the experimental and evolutionary view of their contribution was very recognizable.

Graphic design is booming and prosperous period of the Second World War, as America’s economy flourished, the demand for graphic design, especially in advertising and packaging sectors blossomed.

I Love NY ad campaign (1973) and the famous Bob Dylan poster (1968) designed by Milton Glaser examples of applied graphic design culture and its influence. Printing and Photographic development progression of graphic design in the 20th century were largely enthusiastic. However, the middle of this century, the era of computer graphic design, increasing the face with a little back early computers were far weaker and computer memory was limited. However, during this tremendous development of computer technology and the end of the century, modern graphic design has evolved into a business that is done almost entirely on computers.

1980 in the middle of the desktop publishing and software such as Illustrator and PageMaker introduced the arrival of designers entering the era of computer image manipulation and 3D image creation. Computer graphic design facilitates instantaneous changes in the layout or printing effects.

Today, graphic design visual communication, has rich soil, surface computer, fertilized with latest hardware and software technology. Graphic designers worldwide plow through computers loaded with the latest gadgets and gizmos, software and hardware, science and technology, information and communication, and generating a new history of graphic design, design their own labs.

With a clear increase in high-tech industry in the future, and today provides more design in his name and effort through its creation of the new generation. History has yet to write all of your pages, new innovations and inventions in this field.