Sleeklogos Review The Most Common Web Design Gaffes

Everybody has a say when it comes to web designs. When you’ve been exposed to a thousand of sites already (which is more likely than not), you probably can distinguish what is just made out of a cookie cutter and what is genuinely designed by a professional.

If an ordinary Joe can tell crappy layout from not, better be wary and read this Sleeklogos review of the biggest mistakes in web layouting:

1.Bad fonts

When it comes to text, everything from color to size and style should be well-thought of. It tells whether your content is worth staying for. And ninety-nine percent of the time, its all you really got to convince your visitors its your content.

Make the typeface big for e-commerce and advertising sites and small to medium for blogs and letter-heavy sites. There is a big amount of freedom in choosing your web safe fonts. But theres one thing you must never, ever, do: set the fonts to 10 or 11. If you are maximizing readability, dont fall for all cutesy that a fancy typeface could offer.

2.Sea of grey

Too much text and no image or design to visually stimulate the readers may cause tired eyes, and eventually boredom. That is, if youre lucky enough that the reader has the patience to read your content in the first place.

3.Pop ups

Lets admit it, nobody really likes pop ups. Its a big disrespect to the reader. There they are, innocently scanning for the information they need, then your pretty window pops right in front of their face and interrupts their thinking. And most of the times, the pop up is just not what they are looking for. Its a turn-off, really.

If you want to emphasize a thing, you have to do it in a non-intrusive manner that isn’t infuriating. Do something better and more dignified than making an advertisement glare in front of a busy reader.

4.Poor Usability

No way back to homepage, no closing buttons for windows, and cluttered content that make it difficult for scanning. Sometimes, its the small mistakes that make your visitors frustrated. If youre dead serious in keeping people engaged in your online page, you need to put yourself on the shoes of the web user.

5.Heavy Page

Have you ever waited for 15 seconds to view a slow-loading website you just want to speculate? Almost everybody hasn’t. An average Joe will lose patience within 4 seconds of waiting in the Internet. So keep yours light and swift. Sleeklogos reviews that its no use making a superb but data-heavy website. People will have already jumped out before you have a chance to justify the delay.